Building a Portable Haven: The Craftsmanship Behind Hypercuby’s Portable Buildings

Hypercuby’s portable buildings are styled and designed after shipping containers.

Starting with a container design and shape offers multiple benefits, such as fitting where containers normally fit and offering a familiar aesthetic.

However while they may look like containers, their original construction reveals that they are far from it.

Let’s explore how they we bring multiple elements together to create an ideal solution that is insulated, portable, customisable and demountable.

The Frame

The sturdy steel frame is what holds the entire building together.

The metalwork is first galvanised, then powdercoated to ensure longevity and rust-resistance.

This is after all, holding the entire building together so it needs to be reliable.

Everything else bolts into this frame.

The steel floor joists are designed to form a sturdy floor and are bolted securely into the frame. These too are galvanised to ensure longevity.

The Panels

Relying on industry-standard and high quality Australian materials, our insulated wall and ceiling panels are finished on both sides with COLORBOND.

This not only provides a great and polished aesthetic, it also gives peace of mind in knowing that the finish will last the test of time, as COLORBOND products are known to do.

But they’re not just pretty, they’re functional too, with our wall panels offering R1.5-R2.7 levels of insulation.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also easy to install, simply pushing into the frame, then bolting in, and each subsequent panel joining the next via the male-female mating edge.


Each Hypercuby portable building kit comes supplied with lights, power points, light switch, switchboard and power inlet.

Each power point can be placed in a way that there is no visible conduit, providing a sleek, “floating” look.

Cables can additionally be run inside the rough cavity, making installation of lights a breeze.


Once again Hypercuby utilises high quality COLORBOND roof sheets to keep the elements out. They are the industry standard for a reason, offering durability with good looks.

Underneath the roof sheets and above the ceiling panels, our Flatcuby Plus models also have an additional layer of insulation filling the roof cavity.

All in all, this means our roof system has an insulation value of R5.5-R74


We at Hypercuby think that what you stand on is of high importance, so we devised a high quality, sturdy flooring system that starts with the steel floor joists, which then have industry-grade yellow tongue floorboards laid, and then is finally finished with our signature high quality SPC flooring.

Our flooring is extremely popular, providing a quality, non-slip finish in one of two attractive colours.

The yellow tongue and the spc flooring all have joining mechanisms so each one joins into the next, provided a smooth, finished floor.

We’re always talking insulation, and the floor is no different, as it also has another layer of insulation between each floor joist, so you’re insulated from above, below and all around you.

Doors & Windows

The fun part, and the most customisable, each of our buildings comes with a selection of sturdy, attractive doors and windows to suit your needs.

Whether it’s a secure steel swing door, or a luminous glass double sliding door, or our signature stacker door (which turns the whole side of the building into glass), you will see the high levels of quality shine through.

The rollers are smooth, the hinges free, the construction sturdy, we think you’ll love your Hypercuby finished with our great door and window selection.

Finishing Up

Once everything is done, each kit comes with an appropriate amount of silicone sealant to close up any gaps and seal your building up and keep the elements out.

Hypercuby believes we offer a stand-out flatpack building kit that can help you achieve your goals, with a commitment to quality, design and longevity, using top-tier Australian materials.