When you are looking for affordable building options, Hypercuby has the solution. We offer three different types of buildings, all fully customisable to meet your unique needs.

With smart modern interiors, they have all the comforts of home. All models are ideal to rent out to guests through Airbnb, for as a granny flat or country cottage to bring in extra income. Add one as a garden studio or office, or use it as the ultimate tiny home for living off-the-grid. How you use your Hypercuby is only limited by your imagination.

Each unit folds up for easy relocation and transport. You never need to leave it behind when you more. All our Hypercuby models are fully insulated and built with a rigid base and structure ready to install on any stable foundation such as concrete or onto a trailer.

Starts from $4,900.00+GST

The Flatcuby makes a great fully insulated garden shed, office or studio, and comes in four convenient sizes. It is fully customisable. Add a kitchen or bathroom, and extra units together for space to fit any use and situation.

The price starts at $4,900+GST and it has R4.0 ceiling insulation and R2.0 wall insulation as standard. You do not need a building permit for the 10 sqm model just a solid ground for installation.


Xcuby is ideal for adding to that block of land in the country or by the sea to escape your busy life on weekends. Rent it out when you are not using it to earn extra income. Customise your Xcuby to suit the size of your family by adding extra units for an extra one or two bedrooms.

Its price starts at only $23,599+GST for a two-bedroom unit with a sleek, modern kitchen and bathroom, and double glazed windows. With 37.1 sqm of space, it measures 6.4 m x 5.8 m and only takes a day to install ready for immediate use.


Slidecuby is the perfect solution for off-the-grid living. It comes in a basic and luxury model for those who want to be completely self-sufficient. Ideal as a granny flat or Airbnb accommodation, or to live in tucked away in a remote location. Never pay utility bills again.

Its price starts at $32,000+GST for a one-bedroom unit and includes a modern kitchen and bathroom. Slidecuby measures 5.6 m x 5.4 m for a total of 36 sqm of handy living space.





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