The Green Advantage: The Environmental Impact of Portable Buildings

In the cost and environment-conscious world we live in, we believe traditional buildings aren’t a great solution. During construction, tremendous amounts of waste are generated, and they certainly aren’t cheap.

We have chosen to tackle these issues with our line up of demountable, portable buildings, including shipping container homes and portable container homes. These innovative structures offer several key advantages:

#1 Portability

Using portable buildings as opposed to permanent structures assists with waste as once a building is not needed, it can be simple picked up and moved or disassembled and reassembled elsewhere.

Zero waste!

#2 Construction

Because we don’t use traditional building materials, the environmental impact is reduced. Each piece is manufactured to fit from the very beginning, so we maximise efficiency keep waste to a minimum.

#3 Energy Efficiency

Our flat pack cabins and portable rooms use pre-insulated materials help keep the energy efficiency high, resulting in lower power consumption and energy wastage.

Even our standard model already starts with a R5.5 ceiling insulation and R1.5 wall insulation, and it goes up from there based on your needs.

So help Hypercuby reduce the impact of traditional buildings on the environment around us by choosing a liveable shed or demountable building for your next backyard office, site office, or living space. Embrace the versatility and sustainability of our buildings and make a positive impact on both your lifestyle and the planet.