Keeping Cosy with Hypercuby: The Importance of Insulation and Energy Efficiency in Portable Buildings

When it comes to portable buildings, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Our Flatcuby Plus portable (demountable) buildings are leaders in the space. In addition to being flexible, affordable, and fully customisable, they’re also designed for energy efficiency. By incorporating industry-grade insulation into our designs, we ensure that our portable buildings aren’t just comfortable but also kind to your wallet and the environment.

Why Insulation Matters

The benefits of having good insulation are numerous, and include good temperature regulation (comfort), energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Type of Insulation

Hypercuby offer two main levels of insulation in our portable, demountable buildings. EPS & PIR. For the walls, the EPS is rated at R1.5 and the PIR is rated at R2.7.

For 95% of people, the EPS-level of insulation is more than enough, however for those in more extreme environments, the EPS would not be enough, and the PIR would be more recommended instead.

Choosing the right level of insulation is very important for comfort over time.

If the appropriate level of insulation is not used, any active heating or cooling used will be wasted, and no one wants to waste power, and therefore money.

Energy Efficiency & Environmental Impact

The less power we can use to heat and cool the building the better, and insulation levels play a key role. Not only does the appropriate insulation help with lowering energy usage,

By reducing the need for heating and cooling, you can save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. That’s a win-win!

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

But the energy efficiency of Hypercuby’s portable buildings doesn’t stop at insulation. They’re also designed with other energy-saving features, like LED lighting and power points that can be customised to suit your needs. Plus, because they’re portable, you can take advantage of natural light and heat by facing your building towards, or away from, the sun.


So there you have it! Insulation and energy efficiency are key when it comes to portable buildings. Not only do they keep you comfortable, but they also help to reduce energy use and contribute to a more sustainable future. And with Hypercuby’s range of insulated and energy-efficient portable buildings, you can enjoy all these benefits and more.