Flatcuby Plus EPS

Flatcuby Plus is Australian Made

Flatcuby Plus EPS

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Standard Sizes:
2.4m x 3.15m, 2.4m x 4.15m, 2.4m x 5.0m, 2.4m x 5.95m, 2.4m x 11.9m
3.0m x 3.15m, 3.0m x 4.15m, 3.0m x 5.0m, 3.0m x 5.95m, 3.0m x 8.8m, 3.0mx 10.0m, 3.0m x 11.9m
3.6m x 5.95m, 3.6m x 11.9m
6.0m x 6.0m, 6.0m x 9.0m, 6.0m x 12.0m
Customization also available

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Add a Flatcuby Plus to your life

Are you thinking you need more space for an office, granny flat or a room to rent out to help pay the mortgage? Maybe you need space for a teenager to study or to add an extra room for your growing family?

When you need extra space, Flatcuby Plus is the ideal solution and comes in six convenient sizes. No matter what you need you can customise your Flatcuby Plus to suit any purpose.

Our fully insulated Flatcuby Plus is built with a rigid base and structure so you can install it on any stable foundation or on a trailer. It gives you the ultimate in flexible space. Easy transport and relocation, demountable, take it with you whenever you move.

It has a multitude of uses, including:

  • A fully insulated, sealed, waterproof garden shed.
  • A granny flat for your teenager, family or to rent out.
  • An off-the-grid tiny house.
  • Use as an office or garden studio.
  • Put it on that plot of land in the country for use as a holiday cabin to get away from the rat race.
  • Add extra space at motels, resorts and caravan parks for storage or to rent out.

  • Many other commercial and residential uses.

Choose your size

2.4 3.10 2.5
3.0 4.15 2.9
3.6 5.0
4.8 5.95
6.0 7.0

Customise your Flatcuby Plus

Your Flatcuby Plus is fully customisable to suit any purpose and space with many sizes to choose from: 3m x 3m, 2.4m x 4.15m, 2.4m x 5.95m, 3.0m x 5.95m, 5.95m x 6.0m, 3.0m x 11.9m models. The 10 sqm (20 sqm if in NSW or ACT ) model does not require a permit to erect it on your property. Customise your Flatcuby Plus so it fits your needs. You can:


Customize the size or join multiple modules to create a unique shape.

Frame base

Choose from a Plain Base. Add Wheels for mobility, or add Steel Skids with Forklift Pockets for easy transportation.

External walls

Choose 50mm EPS(R1.5); or 50mm PIR(R2.8); or 75mm PIR(R4.1).

Wall colors

Select your preferred Colorbond color for the exterior wall finish. Check the example here.

Internal walls

Add a simple dividing wall or bathroom/bedroom walls with doors.


Choose standard Surfmist White or your favourite Colorbond colour.
Add guttering and downpipe kit.


Choose windows quantity and locations. Add diamond grill security mesh for added protection.

Window size

Standard 2400W x 1200H, 1800W x1200H, 1200W x1200H,1200W x600H, 600Wx600H. Special sizes and types are also available.


Choose door type, number and location.

Hinged doors

Choose swing directions and locations. Add diamond grill security door.

Sliding doors

Standard 1800mm x 2100mm or full opening stacker doors. Special sizes and types are also available.


All windows come with screens and have the option for a diamond grill mesh. An optional diamond grill flydoor available for sliding doors.

Floor finish

Choose from our selected floating floor colours


Add a bathroom


Add a simple kitchen with benchtop and a sink.

Air Conditioners

Add an reverse cycle split system or window mount unit.


Add external anchors to secure your building.


Choose from a range of options including powerpoints, LED lights, motion-sensor lights, power inlet types, and double-pole switching.

Flatcuby Plus EPS Specifications

The specifications for the Flatcuby Plus EPS 3.0*5.95m standard model include:

  • Dimensions: 3000 mm x 5950 mm x 2900 mm. ( 2500 mm internal ceiling)

  • Total weight: around 1500kg

  • R5.5 insulated 4 layers QuickFix roof system – Surfmist colour

  • Genuine BlueScope COLORBOND® roof EPS panels 75mm thickness

  • Australian made Trimdek single pitched roofing – Surfmist colour

  • R4.3 insulated floor system.

  • Australian Made Structural Flooring

  • Under floor Earthwool insulation.

  • Under floor sarking wrap.

  • 100% waterproof engineered Extra Virgin Vinyl floating floor – 5mm thickness

  • R1.5 insulated prefinished walls – Surfmist colour

  • Genuine BlueScope COLORBOND® Wall EPS Panels 50mm thickness

  • Galvanised and powder coated frames.

  • Slim LED batten lights (1200mm, tri-colour) x 2. (location customisable)

  • A 15-amp or 10-amp waterproof, industrial grade power inlet – plug and play. (location customisable)

  • Clipsal Iconic Powerpoints (Bluetooth connectivity) x 2 and a switchboard. (location customisable)

  • Clipsal Residual Current Devices and safety switches. (location customisable)

  • Australian Made Sliding window 1200 mm x 1200 mm x 1. (location customisable)

  • Steel swing door with lock and keys x 1. Or upgrade to AU Made sliding doors. (location customisable)

  • Installation accessories including skirting, architraves, cornice, silicon, screws, etc.

  • Approximately 80% of Flatcuby’s parts are Australian made.

  • Easy DIY installation, manual will be provided. No special skills or tools required.

Certificate of Compliance

For further information on the engineering details, please feel free to contact us.

Prices, order, delivery, finance

  • Tell us what you need and we will work with you to find which options suit your new space.

  • Standard order time: 2-6 weeks

  • Delivery available Australia Wide

  • For a fast, low interest rates loan, check 360Finance.

Contact us now and have your new Flatcuby Plus ready for use in a few weeks.

Additional information

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 5950 × 3000 × 2900 mm


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