The Flatcuby Is The Answer To Your Home Space Problems

No matter how much space we have at home, we can always use more. However, larger homes have risen in price dramatically, making them impractical options in many areas. For others, leaving the family home and the memories made there is just not an option. So, when it comes to finding more space, container homes, the modular buildings that fit into your outside space, are becoming ever more popular.

The Flatcuby is a fantastic example of portable container homes. It is easily set up, moveable, offers plenty of space and comes with everything you need. Fully insulated, sealed and waterproof.

The modular design means that you can even add several together to create the space you need, and with two size options of 10sqm or 13.9 sqm, this shipping container house has all the flexibility you need. A single 10sqm Flatcuby can be erected on your property without requiring a permit, for the simplest additional space possible.

With various options for windows, door styles and placement, you can create the perfect space for any need. Whether you are looking for a garden studio or office, a space for a growing teenager or an extra bedroom for an older relative to stay with you, Flatcuby is the answer. Thanks to its robust, hardwearing construction, it can even be used as a site office.

It is that adaptability that sets Flatcuby apart from other portable container homes. Adding another Flatcuby is simple, doubling the space when needed, but there is more you can do. Flatcuby can be enhanced with decking, a pergola, solar panels and battery pack. This container home can even include a stainless-steel fridge, cooker and range hood, along with its own cassette or composting toilet to create a complete independent living space.

That opens up other potential uses for the Flatcuby. Mounted onto a trailer, it makes a luxurious caravan, requiring little set up and take-down time for ease of use. In addition, portable buildings are increasingly being used as income-generating rental accommodation. As housing becomes more expensive, the market for smaller, cheaper rental options is growing all over the country.

Modular buildings provide excellent options for these tiny houses, and Flatcuby, with its modularity and impressive construction quality, can provide a wonderful rental home., Flatcuby can help earn extra income from your of outside space.

Whatever your need for space is, Flatcuby is the modern, convenient, comfortable and high-quality solution. Whether it’s an off-grid home or a granny flat, a garden studio or site office, a hobby room or a rental unit, this container home is the modular building you need.