Flatcuby Brings Space And Comfort To Any Location

Flatcuby portable container homes provide adaptable accommodation for a variety of applications, but few are as flexible as Hypercuby. This spacious shipping container house is insulated, fully finished internally and comes complete with a dedicated 15-amp waterproof industrial grade power inlet for ease of setup.

It fits into a compact space for transport, extending during installation to provide a large indoor area with double glazed windows and quality fittings. A modular building, you can easily connect more than one hypercuby together to increase space for even more flexibility in use, while mounting to a trailer creates the ultimate in luxury caravanning.

Introducing Flatcuby:

Container homes have become popular to increase space at home, and the Flatcuby offers an easy route to a granny flat or garden studio to maximise the use of your outdoor space. However, the high quality, durability and ease of use of the Flatcuby also makes it ideal for a variety of commercial applications, and it makes an ideal workshop for a small business.

The large capacity, modularity and robust construction of the Flatcuby portable buildings also makes them ideal options for site offices in a variety of industries. From construction and mining to farming and light aviation, the Flatcuby offers an easy to install space for employees or clients. The quality interior and high levels of comfort ensure that Flatcuby is a shipping container house that works well for any remote situation.

The modular approach to Flatcuby also means it is flexible enough to be used for emergency accommodation, providing safety, comfort and protection from the elements wherever it is needed with just 30 minutes installation required. With Flatcuby, large, fully insulated spaces can be created in minutes, catering to any emergency need in any location.

The design and ability to add more space as required also makes Flatcuby ideal for use as a temporary camp for organised groups, whether that is for children, such as scouting events, or military, where they can be used for semi-permanent camping structures, providing exceptional cost effectiveness.

As commercial property becomes ever more costly, the ability to use a portable container home like Flatcuby to provide the workshop or office space for a new business within the outdoor space of a home can be crucial in making the business a success, Flatcuby offers the space and flexibility to provide a complete business space. Best of all, the modular nature of Flatcuby means it can expand as the business does, catering to changing needs.

Flatcuby is the space you need, anywhere, anytime, delivered and installed quickly, and ready for any situation. Robust, comfortable and well made, it is a quality environment for any use, a reliable option for every application.