Slidecuby Is The Quality Answer To Your Storage And Site Needs

Off grid homes are growing in popularity as granny flats, tiny houses for rentals, garden studios and more, but these container homes also provide excellent options for many other applications. The Slidecuby offers an easy to set up, cost effective and completely self-sufficient secure space for any application.

This container home can be installed in less than 30 minutes, needing just a stable foundation or trailer thanks to its completely rigid base and structure. With a 9.6kWh solar off-grid system, double glazing and hard wearing Alucobond external cladding, it is an adaptable, easily portable structure that has everything you need in one package. Fully insulated, it’s perfect for any situation or environment, blending comfort and industrial strength to make a great space in any location.

Great for monetizing your outdoor space as an Airbnb rental, it also provides an excellent option for non-habitable applications. The quality construction and excellent finish make the Slidecuby a great option for an onsite sales office, where unlike some portable buildings it offers all the comfort of a permanent structure without the costs involved. For homebuilders or other manufacturers, it provides a modern, attractive sales environment wherever needed, however this highly adaptable shipping container house can be useful in other ways.

For those looking to start a small business or pursue a hobby, the Slidecuby can make a great workspace or temporary office, its self-contained construction meaning that it really is just put in place and you are ready to go. That fast setup and wealth of features also means that the Slidecuby is the perfect answer for emergency accommodation, a protected environment when it is needed most, wherever that may be.

Slidecuby is also an excellent option for events, where the off-grid home provides a convenient location for power and shelter for your team wherever you travel. Having easy access to power, heating and air conditioning can make all the difference to an event team, maintaining morale and increasing performance.

The ability of slidecuby to be set up in the remotest location in just a few minutes, and provide power, heat, light and comfortable shelter immediately means it is useful in endless situations. For some industries, such as farming and mining, it is a cost-effective way to provide employee shelter or office space quickly and conveniently. Simple to use and easy to transport, Slidecuby is unlike other portable buildings, and delivers so much more as a result.

Extra space at home or a fantastic solution for business, Slidecuby is the modern choice for portable accommodation in any situation.